How Drones are Transforming Real Estate Photography

Everyone knows that the pictures are the most important part of real estate marketing. Sure, facts and figures about the property and an evocative description of the house’s feel go a long way, but nothing compares to stunning, eye-catching pictures for making potential buyers see themselves in the home. For a long time, however, real estate photography was limited, and often featured nothing more interesting than plain shots of each room of the house. Nowadays, however, the rapid improvements in drone photography are leading to huge changes in the way commercial photography for real estate is done.

drone photography

Aerial shots are a powerful way to grab someone’s attention – that’s why they’re featured so often in big advertisements and movies. However, as the only previous option was a helicopter, these shots required resources way beyond those available for most commercial photography, and certainly for most real estate photography. However, drone photography is changing all of that.

But it’s not just cool, eye-catching shots that drone photography is good for. It can actually capture a lot of important elements that conventional real estate photography is prone to miss. For one thing, among the most important structural elements buyers look for when considering a home is the quality of the roof. However, the ordinary practice of simply hiring a photographer to walk through the house and take pictures won’t do anything to tell potential buyers that this key element of the house is in good shape. With drone photography, however, it’s possible to easily capture sweeping pictures and video of a house’s roof without any hassle at all.

Another way drones can enhance real estate photography is by displaying an entire piece of property from above. If you’re trying to sell a farm, ranch, or simply a house on a large plot of land, allowing potential buyers to see the full scope of the property in one picture is extremely useful. Drones can also capture the look of the neighborhood, and even what a child’s walk to school might look like in a way more traditional commercial photography simply can’t.

You can even have a drone fly through the house to capture stunning, height level video to show what’s its actually like to walk through the property. This conveys the flow from room to room, the layout, and simply the overall feel of the home far better than traditional photographs can.

Drones have led to huge advances in commercial photography, and can lead to absolutely stunning pictures and videos of real estate. If you’re looking to market a home, you should really consider a drone.


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